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At PiClaims4u, we appreciate that dealing with large organizations such as the motor insurance companies and the NHS hospital trusts in order to recover personal injury compensation following an accident or medical negligence can be a daunting experience for you when all you are trying to do is focus on recovering from your accident injuries and coming to terms with the financial difficulties as a result of you not being able to return to work.

However, you need not worry anymore about how to claim compensation, instruct us now and you can be rest assured that we will take care of your claim ensuring with our panel of expert personal injury solicitors you receive maximum compensation on a 100% No Win No Fee* basis.

What Compensation We Can Help You Recover

Our panel of expert solicitors will not only recover compensation for your injuries following the accident, but will also recovery any associated financial losses you have suffered as a consequence of your accident to include the following:-

1. Loss of Earnings – due to time off work following the accident to include loss of overtime, bonuses, pension loss and returning to work on reduced hours.

2. Out of Pocket Expenses – travel expenses incurred on attending hospital and G.P appointments, painkillers purchased over the counter, prescription charges paid and the cost of any aids and appliances bought to assist with your recovery.

3. Care and Assistance – as a result of your injuries your family or friends may have assisted you with day to day domestic and personal care tasks which you were unable to do following the accident. We will help you claim for this help and assistance as a thank you to those who helped you with your care needs.

4. Treatment Costs – if there is a long waiting list on the NHS for any treatment recommended to you for your injuries such as physiotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy treatment or you require an MRI scan or an operation then we will ensure that you do not have to wait any longer by ensuring the treatment is arranged privately and paid for by the opponent’s insurers at your convenience.

5. Vehicle Damage – if you are involved in a road traffic accident and your car is assessed as a total loss or requires repairs, we will assist you to recover from the other driver’s insurers your vehicle damage payout and in the meantime, whilst you are without your car, arrange for a replacement hire car and if you need arrange for your car to be placed in safe storage.

6. Damaged Clothing – if you have damaged personal items of clothing or lost or damaged personal possessions in the course of the accident, for example, your mobile phone or your watch, we will ensure that the replacement cost of these items is recovered as part of your compensation.

What We Offer With Our 100% No Win No Fee Legal Service

The best part about our service at PiClaims4u is that it is a 100% No Win No Fee* claims service so giving you peace of mind that if your claim fails then you will not have to pay any legal fees.

We aim to make the process of claiming compensation easy and all you have to do is contact us, we will assess the merits of your claim, once your claim is accepted by us, a solicitor will be appointed to act for you to claim compensation and we will inform you and keep you in the loop every step of the way until you get the compensation you deserve. It is as simple as PiClaims4u.

Dont delay and contact us now on 0800 111 4892 or complete the online claim form and you could be discussing your personal injury claim with one of our experienced solicitors today.


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You indeed do not have to worry about a thing. No legal fees will be charged if the claim is unsuccessful and no hidden costs are involved along the way as well.

Your claims will be handled by one of our panel of experienced personal injury solicitors on a 100% No Win No Fee basis, so you do not have a thing to worry about. All you have to do, is simply make the right call by contacting PiClaims4u.